When Star Wars: A New Hope debuted in 1977, it changed the face of science fiction and pop culture. Over the decades, Star Wars has been enduringly popular, spawning a number of prequel and sequel movies. Television series like Clone Wars and The Mandalorian have also been massive hits.

One of the biggest challenges of finding a gift for someone is selecting something that they’ll enjoy for many years to come. For a few years, fans couldn’t get enough of Game of Thrones. However, the show quickly faded in popularity after the poorly received final season. Star Wars gifts are a wonderful choice because the franchise has remained popular, even after films with mixed reviews.

Star Wars Gift Ideas

Another great reason to opt for Star Wars-themed presents is that there are endless options. There are gifts suitable for any age group you can imagine. It’s easy to find an infant sleeper or a nappy bag that’s decorated with Star Wars characters. There are gifts for children and adults, men and women. Star Wars is tremendously popular, and because of that, it’s possible to find presents for any Star Wars fans.

There are also gifts at many different price points. Inexpensive gifts that are suitable as stocking stuffers are very easy to find, but there are also plenty of options that are more expensive. Thanks to the new Disney theme park, it’s even easy to give someone the gift of a Star Wars holiday.

No two Star Wars gifts feel exactly alike. Someone that grew up in the 70s might feel more attached to the original trilogy of films. Many people that were born in the 90s are big fans of the Star Wars prequel films. Children today might be big fans of characters like Rey or Kylo Ren. Because this property has such a long history, it’s easier to find presents that will appeal to someone’s specific tastes.

When selecting a Star Wars gift, you’ll want to find the Star Wars properties the recipient is most attached to. Did they fall in love with Baby Yoda when they watched The Mandalorian for the first time? Is Rogue One their favourite Star Wars film? The more you know about interest in Star Wars, the better.

You’ll also want to consider their tastes and hobbies. A cosy jumper might be a lovely present for someone that likes to wear clothing that reflects their interests. If someone is a big fan of video games, there are always plenty of Star Wars video games to choose from. You can even find practical gifts that are emblazoned with the Star Wars logo, such as cooking utensils.

Star Wars has been one of the most beloved properties in the world for decades, and it’s unlikely that its popularity will fade anytime soon. When you’re picking out presents, try to stay away from passing trends. Look at presents and properties that have stood the test of time. Star Wars gifts are the kinds of presents that will be appreciated and enjoyed for many years to come.


Star Wars Episode VII Twinbell Alarm Clock


Wake from dreams of galaxies both near and far far away with this super loud Star Wars alarm clock. Inspired by the events of episode seven, this clock is perfect to wake dreamers of all ages up.

Toby Deals

Sphero Star Wars R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid


Ever wanted your own droid but lack the budget for a full sized one? Well, you’ve got to start somewhere and this phone controlled R2D2 app is a great entry point. Perfect for chasing the dog around the living room.


Black Star Wars Classic Slogan Oversized T Shirt Dress, Black


This Star Wars t-shirt dress is perfect for the summer months for relaxing at home or wearing out to the bear. Style with some knee-high boots for a great outfit.

Star Wars Silvertone 3D BB-8 Cuff Links

£123.47 £92.60

Add a bit of fun to your work day with these BB8 cufflinks.

Star Wars 3D Death Star Cuff Links

£123.47 £92.60

Another Star Wars cufflink idea. this time focusing on the Death Star. Great for fans of novelty cufflinks, Star Wars and poorly designed space stations.

Swift Direct Blinds

Disney Collection Star Wars ™ Battle Scene


We love this Star Wars battle scene blind. Not only does it celebrate the space opera in a great way but it is subtle enough that it can be used almost anywhere in the house. Perfect for the office, bedroom or even the kitchen, this will put a smile on any Star Wars fan’s face.

Lillian Vernon

Star Wars™ Droid Beach Towel


Featuring all the hero droids from the complete Star Wars saga, this droid towel great for the beach or the gym and suitable for Star Wars fans of all ages.

Colorful Images

Star Wars Mug


Whether you like your tea or coffee on the light or dark side (sorry!), it’ll take fab in this Darth Vader Star Wars mug. Made from durable ceramic this mug will last longer than the Death Star.


Swarovski Star Wars – Princess Leia


Princess, role model, leader of the rebellion…celebrate the icon that is Princess Leia and the legacy of the late Carrie Fisher with this fantastic statute from Swarovski. The perfect accessory for a fireplace, office or Star Wars themed display cabinet.


Swarovski Star Wars – Darth Vader


Ok, we admit this Darth Vader ornament from Swarovski is on the pricer side of the gift buying scale. However, it is the perfect gift for the Darth Vader fan in your life. Display it on the fireplace, in a displace cabinet or even on your desk. It’ll look great anywhere. Just don’t drop it…

Shoe Zone

Star Wars Blue Pump Bag


The perfect school or sports bag (or work) for Star Wars fans of all ages.


Star Wars Top Trumps Quiz


Gather friends and family together for a game of Star Wars top trumps. With over 500 questions, let’s see how knows the force and whose powers are weak.

Angels Fancy Dress

Star Wars Rey Eye Facepiece & Hood


Looking for a modern era Star Wars inspired costume for a party (or some role-playing at home….), then this Ray facepiece and hood is perfect for you. Pair with some light clothes and you’ll be really to help save the universe.

Angels Fancy Dress

Deluxe Star Wars Jango Fett Costume


Looking for something unusual for a fancy dress party or having a Star Wars themed event? Either way, this Jango Fett costume will be great for blasting other outfits away.

Star Wars Boba Fett 8″ Cable Guy


Charge your phone or games controller with this Boba Fett cable guy.

LEGO® Star Wars™: Phonics Box Set

£7.99 £6.39

Featuring all the main characters from the Star Wars Universe this phonics box set from Lego makes a great Christmas or Birthday gift for younger Star Wars fans.


Freegun Star Wars Red-Black Storm Trooper Kids Boxer Shorts in Red


The perfect underwear idea for younger Star Wars fans.


Fidgitrix Fijix Star Wars Cube – Storm Trooper


This Stormtrooper Fidgitrix cube is a great inexpensive stocking filler.


Disney Emoji Star Wars Mash’ems


The perfect gift for younger Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Galactic Army Lounge Set


Lounge around and put off saving the galaxy until tomorrow in this ultra-comfortable Star Wars themed lounge set.


Chewbacca Star Wars Sweet Bowl


Looking for something different to store the Christmas sweets in? Then how about a Chewbacca sweet bowel. Yes, there is such a thing! Perfect for filling with popcorn before sitting down for a Star Wars movie binge. Now, do we start with episode four or one….

Metal Earth Star Wars BB-8 3D Model Kit

£12.00 £11.99

Build your own BB8 with this fun BB8 model kit. No knowledge of the force required.

Star Wars Hand Sanitizer Clip And Clean

£3.99 £3.50

Unfortunately, you’ll need more than just the Force to keep you safe and healthy in these troubled times. This Star Wars themed hand sanitizer is perfect for the Star Wars fan who wants to keep the bugs away. Simply clip onto your belt and deploy whenever you need.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Bookends


Use the might of the empire to keep your books tidy on your shelf with Stormtrooper head bookend set.

Star Wars Costume Ideas.

The 20 Best Star Wars Gifts For Him

Fabulous Star Wars dressing up costumes for children and adults. Be the centre of attention at the next fancy dress party with one of these brilliant costumes!

Angels Fancy Dress

Star Wars At-At Dog Costume


This might be perhaps the greatest Star Wars costume idea of all time. Seriously, what is better than an At-At themed dog costume. No, it is not cruel.

Angels Fancy Dress

Star Wars Princess Leia Toddler Costume


A fun little fancy dress costume idea for a small girl.

Angels Fancy Dress

Ladies Princess Leia Costume


Relive your youth with this great Princess Leia fancy dress costume. Perfect for nearly any occasion or fan convention.

Star Wars Gifts For The Home.

The 20 Best Star Wars Gifts For Her

Looking for something different and practical for a Star Wars fan? How about a gift for the home; we have a great selection of accessories for the bedroom, kitchen, living room or the dining room.

Star Wars TIE Fighter Posable Desk Lamp


Illuminate your home office with this fantastic Tie-fighter themed lamp.


Star Wars X-Wing Single Bed


Dream of galaxies far far away with this fun X-Wing themed bed.

Getting Personal

R2 D2 Desk Hoover


We all like to snack when at our desk, go on, admit it!! Hoover up all evidence of a midmorning snack with this R2D2 desk hoover.