20 Wine Gift ideas

Wine is essential for a lot of people after a long hard week, and many people like to indulge in a glass or two of their favourite wine. So you may think perfect you can’ t go wrong with your wine connoisseur friends, but buying for someone who really knows their wines can be a bit trickier. They won’t be happy with a bottle or two from the supermarket. You will be better off finding a wine-related gift for them rather than the actual wine such as some glasses, a wine thermometer, or a personalised wine stopper, wine tools or a carafe and such like.

It is easier to buy for friends who just enjoy a nice glass of red or white without them knowing too much about the wines they are drinking! As a wine gift idea, you could treat them to a case of some of their favourite wines or mix it up with some new ones for them to taste as well. Find out if they like red, white or Rose and if they prefer sweet or dry so you don’t get something that won’t be agreeable to their palette. A bottle of Prosecco and a box of chocolates often goes down well as a gift for girly friends!

A wine gift doesn’t have to include the wine though and a fantastic gift idea for a wine lover could be to get them a wine and cheese tasting experience or a trip to a vineyard to learn about the winemaking process. Or a slightly more expensive but a great gift for a wine lover would be a dedicated wine fridge or wine rack to store all their wine on.

Personalised bottles of wine make a special gift, you can have them personalised for all occasions be it birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion. Personalised wine glasses also make a fabulous gift and you can get ones covered in glitter too which look amazing for a gift.


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