Recycling Ideas for your Gift Basket

If you have ever been given a gift basket as a gift then chances are that you have also thought that it is too of an impersonal gift to receive, especially if it is not tailored to suit your needs and wants. However, many people simply buy generic gift baskets that are set out in retail stores, department stores, and grocery stores in the hopes that they can give them to the certain people in their life that they have not bought a gift for yet. Even though you may not like the gift basket that was given to you there are actually several things you can do in order to recycle the gift basket instead of throwing it out.

Giving the Gift Basket Away

Chances are that if you’re not too fond of gift baskets in the first place then you’ll be at a loss for what to do after everything in the gift basket is all gone. However, instead of letting the basket sit around the house for days, months, and years on end then a great way to recycle it is to give it away to another friend or family relative. Of course, before you do so you can always fill the gift basket with plenty of goodies, but chances are that the gift will be well received if the gift basket is given from the heart with products and things that you included yourself.

Gift Basket Centerpiece

Another creative way that your gift basket can be recycled is by making it a centrepiece for your dining room table or another part of your house! You may not have thought about buying a centrepiece before you were actually given the gift basket, so considering the fact that you thought previously that it was an impersonal gift, perhaps making it a centrepiece will make up for that ugly thought. Of course, just placing the gift basket in the centre of the table is not sufficient enough, but filling the basket to the brim full of goodies is a great idea to use. For example, many people like the smell of potpourri and the sweet-smelling potpourri can be a good way to fill the basket instead of just getting rid of it.

Fruit Baskets

One of the traditional ways that gift baskets sometimes are given away actually involves the fruit that many people enjoy. If you frequently have guests over to your house, though, one suggestion would be to constantly fill the gift basket with fruits and place it out in the open so that it will be readily accessible for all the friends and family members that you have stopped by the house. Oranges, apples, and pears are just some of the great tasting fruits to fill your basket with, but there plenty of other options as well.

All in all, making your house look more beautiful or re-gifting the gift basket that you receive are two wonderful ways to make use of the gift basket you were originally given as a gift!

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