There is a lot of gift buying involved in weddings and we are here to help you on your journey, not only will the guests be looking for gift ideas for the happy couple. The bride and groom will also be looking for gifts for those in the wedding party. People who have helped with the planning, organising as well as helping on the day such as bridesmaids, best man, mother of the bride and so on. It has become a tradition to hand out gifts during the ‘thankyous’ in the speeches. The bride and groom will probably be looking for a special gift to give each other as a keepsake from their special day. 

We will start with gifts for the bride and groom. Some couples have a wedding list for a specific store, where they want you to choose something, then it is delivered to them after the wedding.. This can be a great idea as then they don’t end up with lots of unwanted gifts such as 5 toasters and hundreds of towels.  They get things they want, although can feel a little impersonalised.. However with most couples living together before they marry and having most things they need for the home this idea has become a bit outdated. Some couples specify they don’t want gifts, some ask in a polite way for money towards a honeymoon or a project. If this is what they want then it is best to give money, however, you may like to buy them an inexpensive keepsake gift as well as giving money as a special momentum of their day and we have lots of ideas, something personalised is especially nice. 

There are plenty of Mr&Mrs gifts and ‘Just Married’ gifts that can be fun to give such as matching dressing gowns, slippers, T-shirts etc. So a fun novelty wedding gift can be a plausible option as a wedding gift. 

The happy couple...
The happy couple…

Then we come to gifts for those people close to the bride and groom who the bride and groom will be looking for a gift for. These people deserve a thank you gift for the hard work they have put in making your day run to plan and maybe even organised an epic hen or stag party too! These gifts don’t need to be too expensive, we know you have probably blown your budget already! Something personalised is often a good idea in this case. You could buy your Bestman a personalised pint glass if he likes a pint of beer, bridesmaids, maybe a personalised wine glass or some jewelry. A gift from the wedding day will serve as a reminder of what will hopefully be a day to remember!

Brides and Grooms obviously exchange rings on the wedding day and some may feel this is enough of a gift. However, some brides to be and grooms to be may want to buy their beloved something else as well. A nice idea is to have something sent to your partner whilst they are getting ready for the day. A special pair of earrings for your bride or some cufflinks, or a watch for your groom, so they make it on time for the ceremony! Or how about a photograph framed of when you first met, that would be very romantic. Or something that will always remind them of your love for each other on what we hope will be your happiest day ever. 

Favours are small gifts given to each guest, usually placed on the table at the start of the wedding breakfast. We have some brilliant ideas for wedding favours too from simple chocolates, love heart sweets are often a popular choice or if you are having a smaller, more intimate wedding you might want to spend a little more on something special for each guest. 

 Then after the wedding, there will be the anniversary gifts. Please have a look at our articles on anniversary gifts when the time comes. We have some wonderful unique ideas for anniversary gifts. So make sure you put the date in your diary to stay in your loved ones’ good books. 

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