It may be an idea to think that they will be starting to develop quickly between the age of 1 and 2 so a toy that may seem too old for them at 12 months will soon become something that they can play with a few months down the line so buying gifts suitable for 18 months will be great as it is something the parents can save until they feel their child is ready rather than overwhelming them with too many toys at once that soon get forgotten about.

There as so many toys available so you will be spoilt for choice depending on cost, but you will find something for all budgets. Some one-year-olds will love a doll and as they start to be able to walk pushing their little doll in a little pushchair will be lots of fun. They love to imitate Mummy and Daddy! Just make sure you choose a soft-bodied doll as these are more suited to younger children because they aren’t as heavy and they are safer. You can then get all the accessories to go with it bottles, pretend feeding bowls and changing bags too.

Bath toys are a great choice for one-year-olds as they are bound to love a new toy to play with whilst splashing around in the bath. Boats, ducks, fishing nets and bath colouring crayons or sets from their favourite television programmes such as Oconauts are bound to be a hit and are a fairly inexpensive option.

How about something musical? Little one-year-olds love to make noise and music can be something they can enjoy from a very early age. You can get musical instruments to promote their love of music at a young age. From shakers to maracas and tambourines or if you are looking to spend a bit more a keyboard could be a fantastic present that will grow with them in their toddler years or if you are feeling brave how about some drums?

Play equipment for the garden always comes in useful when you have an active toddler so you could invest in a swing and slide set or a paddling pool for those hot summer days for a splash and cool down. Then you can keep your little one active and enjoy some outdoor play without having to go far. Depending on the space you have you could go for a climbing frame with swings and slides. Or how about a trampoline all children love to have a bounce and you can get ones that have a handle to keep them steady when just learning to bounce or a larger one with a netting round is a must to keep them safe.

Do you have a budding little artist to buy for? Then art supplies will always be a hit and inspire their creativity and as long as you get washable paints and pens you will keep the parents happy too. Finger paints are great fun and toddlers love getting messy and exploring new textures. An easel is a good investment that they will use for years to come and you can set it up outside on a nice day if you want to keep the mess outside! Play-Doh is also a good choice to inspire creativity and they will have lots of fun making models just make sure you keep them away from carpets.

Ride on toys are what all one-year-olds want and are a definite must-have. They will love riding around in their own little car or jumping on and off their ride on and using the steering wheel and beeping the horn. They can be used indoors if you have enough space or outdoors in the garden or playing out.

Play kitchens, shopping trolleys, play food and cash registers are all great options and are fab for role play and imaginary play you can have lots of fun with your child doing the shopping and making all sorts of different meals for you from the play food.

Cars and vehicles and train sets are also brilliant for boys and girls alike. They love to push little cars along and build train tracks to put the trains on and watch them go round. Duplo and mega blox are also great for developing fine motor skills and they will love to build them up with help from older children and adults.

Books are also a perfect gift idea. Young children love to look at colourful books and listen to short stories. There are plenty to choose from and they will be great for bedtime stories or to keep toddlers entertained when out for a meal or on a train/plane journey or just when you want some quiet time.

There are so many toys to choose from for your one-year-old that will help them to develop and spark their little imaginations. The choice is endless but you will find something that they are bound to love for all budgets so get searching for the ideal gift today.


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