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Christening gifts are not always easy to buy as there is often a gift etiquette that means certain things are bought by the close family and or Godparents. It is normally the Godparents who buy a bible for instance. If there are lots of people going you may feel you don’t want to duplicate gifts so looking for something unique can be a bit harder.
If you are a Godparent you may wish to liaise with the family so you can be sure not to all buy the same things. There are lots of gorgeous silver items such as bracelets, money boxes, silver spoons and so on. Personalised gifts are perfect for Christenings and something that can be kept which is always lovely. There is a gorgeous selection of personalised products such as blankets, soft toys, beautiful wooden toys or things like bookends for the nursery or how about a book of nursery rhymes or stories.
Your gift will be influenced by the age of the child being Christened so be aware if it is a slightly older child some gifts may not be appropriate. You might not be too worried about getting a gift that can be kept in which case you could buy an outfit or buy toys. There are no set rules on what to buy you might prefer to buy something that can be kept and given to the child when they get older such as a necklace or a special fountain pen. You could buy a photo frame or a bottle of champagne for the parents. Once you start looking you will see there really are plenty of options to make your Christening gift choice as simple as possible and hopefully, you will choose something unique that no one else has bought.