Teacher Gift Ideas

Teacher’s traditionally get given gifts at the end of the school year and also increasingly at Christmas time too. It is especially common to buy teacher gifts in primary schools where generally you only have one teacher to buy for and maybe a teaching assistant too. You may buy a gift for secondary school teachers after your exams if there is one or two who you feel has gone above and beyond and have supported you to do the best you can. A little gift to show your appreciation will definitely go down well I’m sure.

You shouldn’t feel pressured into buying your teachers a gift just because everyone else is and always only buy something you can afford and if the teacher has been particularly supportive of your child. It can become an expensive business if you have more than one child all wanting to buy gifts for their teacher and teaching assistant twice a year.

If you decide you want to buy a gift for a special teacher the question then comes to what on earth do you buy? They must over the years have received so many unwanted gifts, not that they don’t want them but one person can only eat so much chocolate and have so many baths. If they like a drink then you could get them a bottle of something they will enjoy even so with 30 children all buying you alcohol you might start to think you have a problem!

You might also want to buy a gift for a friend or family member who has recently passed their teaching qualification. We have some brilliant ideas to surprise the new teachers with too.