Zazzy Gift - Hand picking the best gift ideas

  • Fun Mugs For Teachers

    Fun Mugs For Teachers

    Whether you are looking to reward that special school teacher at the end of term, or have a teacher partner, a teach themed mug is...

  • Personalised Star Wars Gift Ideas

    Personalized Star Wars Gift Ideas

    What could be better than a fan Star Wars gift idea? How about a Star Wars gift idea personalised to the individual you are buying...

  • Farewell Gifts For Teachers

    Farewell Gifts For Teachers

    School days cannot last forever, so, whether it is yourself leaving or a teacher moving to another school, thank them for their hard work over...

  • Thoughtful Teacher Gift Ideas

    Thoughtful Teacher Gift Ideas

    Show how much you care about the special teacher in your life with by buying a gift which suggests it wasn't the first thing you...

  • Teacher Plaque Gift Ideas

    Teacher Plaque Gift Ideas

    okay, we admit it. Buying a plaque isn't the first gift idea which springs to mind when we are thinking about how to thank our...

  • Teacher Gift Basket Ideas

    Teacher Gift Basket Ideas

    Looking for an expensive gift to thank that teacher who has gone the extra mile this year? Have you considered a gift basket for that...

  • Slytherin Gift Ideas

    Slytherin Gift Ideas

    Slytherin may not be the most popular of the Harry Potter houses with Voldemort being one of there own, but all true Potter fans will...

  • Personalised Wine Gift Ideas

    Personalized Wine Gift Ideas

    Personalise a wine bottle for a special person's special occasion and turn a not so thoughtful gift into something a lot more special.